We are the Hafner family, church-planting missionaries to Zacatecas, Mexico. We are sent out of Victory Baptist Church in Lattimore, North Carolina and assisted by All Points Baptist Mission.

Kenny was born into a Godly christian family, and is the second oldest of nine kids. He grew up in a solid, Baptist church and heard the Gospel from a very young age. When he was seven years old he made a false profession of faith. He thought that if he said some special prayer he would be saved, thereby placing his faith in a prayer for salvation and not in Christ. He secretly struggled with his salvation for several years until the age of ten. At that time, he was faced with the Biblical reality that Jesus is the only way to salvation. On April 14th, 2001 his parents led him to Christ. He was baptized shortly thereafter.

One Thursday morning, seven years after accepting Christ as his Savior, Kenny was reading in his Bible in the book of Ezekiel chapter thirty-three and read of the Watchman. Upon reading this passage, he felt the Lord was calling him into full-time ministry. He fought with the Lord for three days over feelings of inadequacy and a selfish desire to pursue an occupation in physics. His short time of running from God came to an abrupt halt the following Sunday when his pastor preached a pointed and timely message on total surrender to God. The Lord broke Kenny’s heart, and he surrendered to full-time ministry that very day. Shortly thereafter, he began making preparations to attend Ambassador Baptist College. Ministry truly became his heart’s desire

During his time at Ambassador, Kenny had many ministry opportunities, especially during the summers. In 2010 and 2011, he traveled as an evangelist for Neighborhood Bible Time. In 2012, he served as an intern for a church in Wyoming. He went to Ivory Coast, West Africa for a three-month trip with the Cuthbertson family in 2014. Finally, in 2013 and 2015, the Lord led him to serve with missionary Matt Shields in Zacatecas, Mexico for a combined time of five months. During his time in Mexico, the Lord confirmed in Kenny’s heart that Zacatecas was the people and the place where He wanted him to start his ministry. Matt Shields has since moved his family to the island country of Aruba where they continue to serve as missionaries. Kenny plans to serve and receive training in Zacatecas under the national pastor Alan Gonzalez for about a year before moving and planting another church in that area.

Alicia was born and raised in a Christian family as a missionary kid in the country of Mexico. Because she was both born and raised there, she is a Mexican citizen and speaks Spanish fluently. In 2010, she and her parents came to the States for furlough. That summer, Alicia went to Camp Victory where she received Christ as her Savior, settling many years of doubts. 

She went to Crown College in 2011 and graduated with an Associates Degree in Office Management in 2013. The summer after her graduation, she went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. After that trip, the Lord worked in her heart to be a missionary, and she surrendered to go wherever God wanted her to go. Finally, in 2015, God crossed Kenny and Alicia’s paths and they got married. Now they are on full-time deputation for Mexico. God has blessed their home with a son, Benaiah, and they are expecting the birth of a baby girl in November of 2018.